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Discover the secret for a glow no make-up can match!

All-natural lifestyle treatment for your skin's perfect glow. In just 45 minutes.

The result

Perfect glow + radiantly beautiful skin with visible effect. In virtually no-time, your skin appears perfectly relaxed, healthy and fresh.

How does it work?

Detox for your skin with a special mixture of 100% natural herbs and plant ingredients that are gently massaged on your face, promoting blood circulation and bringing incredible radiance to your complexion.

Where do I get it?

GREEN PEEL beauty2go is exclusively available at selected lounges in your city. We are looking forward to your visit!

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What's the secret ?

A beautiful appearance needs exercise, the right nutrition and GREEN PEEL beauty2go. Learn more about the details already before your first visit:

GREEN PEEL beauty2go provides your skin with radiance. Thanks to a 100% natural herbal mixture, which is massaged into the skin, small microparticles of herbal and plant ingredients get into the skin where they begin to work. Thus, blood circulation is stimulated and the metabolism increased. Detox for the skin. That’s not only healthy but also provides the skin with the unique GREEN PEEL beauty2go glow – already after a few hours. The perfect complexion without make-up. You will love the result.
Any time you are looking for a healthy, bright and radiant appearance naturally. This could be before a date, a party, an important appointment or just for a good feeling. Best is to set your appointment at the GREEN PEEL beauty2go lounge for the day before the big event. Just after the GREEN PEEL beauty2go treatment, your skin can slightly tingle and may be a bit more reddened than usual – this is absolutely normal, fades quickly and shows that the herbs are working in the skin. Depending on the skin condition, it can take 12-24 hours until the effect is fully visible and the refreshed, radiant complexion delights everyone. This beautiful glow lasts approximate 24 – 48 hours depending on the skin type and the right care.
Less than you think! It's meant to be a lifestyle treatment for everyone. Please get in touch with your local GREEN PEEL beauty2go lounge to receive an exact quote as prices differ slightly from country to country.
A complete GREEN PEEL beauty2go lasts 45 minutes and is perfectly suited for in-between. During the treatment, every step is explained to you and you will notice the effect on your skin immediately after the treatment. Your skin is first cleansed, toned and prepared. Then, the natural GREEN PEEL herbs are gently massaged into the skin. Afterwards, you will get a relaxing mask for a few minutes and lastly a great final care rich in active ingredients. In the end, you will get additional information and some tips for the optimal care afterwards and a long-lasting glow.
The right application of the herbs can only be conducted by trained, experienced and specially-certified GREEN PEEL experts in the GREEN PEEL beauty2go lounges. The proper conduction is absolutely important for the perfect success and an optimal result. Lastly, a GREEN PEEL beauty2go is not just “any” treatment but rather has an effect – and thus requires experience and practice. In all GREEN PEEL beauty2go lounges you will be in the right hands and can be certain that your skin is treated by true experts and you can expect great results.
Directly after the GREEN PEEL beauty2go, the skin may be slightly reddened and tingle a little depending on the skin condition. This is absolutely normal, fades quickly and shows that the herbs are working in the skin. To calm acute redness, BLEMISH BALM by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek derma.cosmetics, the developer of beauty2go, is recommended. This special care soothes the skin and optimally covers redness. On the day of GREEN PEEL beauty2go you should only avoid long sunbathing and sweaty sports.
With GREEN PEEL beauty2go, Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik developed a lifestyle treatment that provides a radiant complexion in short time. It is only offered by exclusively selected institutes. The result is a fresh, vital look and an even skin appearance in just 45 minutes. Without peeling effect.

The well-known original GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling is, on the contrary, a problem solver and (exclusively) offered by certified aestheticians for treating diverse skin problems. The original GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling was the basis for the development of the GREEN PEEL beauty2go concept, both are independent in their application as well as their concept and communication.
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The GREEN PEEL beauty2go lounges in your city

Our lounges are true beauty treasure boxes. Book an appointment and get the glow!

GREEN PEEL beauty2go Johannesburg


52 Central Street, Houghton, Johannesburg, 2198

Phone: +2786 062 3367
E-Mail: jami @

GREEN PEEL beauty2go Johannesburg

La Beaute On The Lake

26A Dundalk Ave, Johannesburg, 2193

Phone: 011 646 2228
E-Mail: sabreen @

GREEN PEEL beauty2go Roodepoort


LM094, Clearwater Mall, Hendrik Potgieter Rd & Christian de Wet Rd, Roodepoort, 1724

Phone: 011 675 2624
E-Mail: info @

GREEN PEEL beauty2go


Shop 22 and 23 Eden Meadows Shopping Centre Corner Modderfontein & Van Riebeek Avenue Greenstone 1609

Phone: 011 524 0249
E-Mail: drnkanaris @

GREEN PEEL beauty2go


3 Chirnside Road, Greenside, Johannesburg

Phone: 082 859 1672
E-Mail: Suraiya @

GREEN PEEL beauty2go

The Pyramid Day Spa

96 Eloff Ext, Village Deep, Johannesburg

Phone: (011) 493-5526
E-Mail: info @

GREEN PEEL beauty2go


96 Eloff Ext, Village Deep,79 West Road South, Morningside, Sandton, Johannesburg

Phone: 082 801 97 55
E-Mail: ashhichens @

GREEN PEEL beauty2go

The Saxon Day Spa

36 Saxon Road - Sandhurst

Phone: (011) 292 6000
E-Mail: info @

GREEN PEEL beauty2go South-Africa

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Phone: 011 325 5849
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